Product Care


To get the most out of your quality knives, proper care and storage are all important. Kitchen knives should always be stored somewhere they are not touching other utensils which can blunt and damage the blade. Magnetic wall hung storage is one of the best options.

Making sure your kitchen knife is cleaned and dried as soon as possible after use also helps maintain the appearance as well as the sharpness of the blade. Never put your good knives in the dishwasher!

Only use a cleaver type knife to cut through bones. Chef, Utility, Paring Knives, etc are not suited to this and the blade can become chipped, dull and damaged.

Hunting knives should always be oiled (food grade oil only!) and waxed before storage and for any knife that goes a long time between uses, wrapping the oiled blade in gladwrap or similar before storing is highly recommended. This includes if it’s stored in a sheath as leather will draw any moisture out of a blade.

Hone your well used knives regularly; every few weeks is good for your everyday knives, or for knives not used as often, every couple of months. A professional sharpening is recommended every year or so. You can do both these at home with a good sharpening or ‘whet’ stone.

Whilst stainless steel blades are the most impervious to rust, a carbon steel blade will need to be protected from any damp conditions to prevent any corrosion; however it is normal for a patina to develop on a carbon steel blade.

Blacksmith products

Having a unique steel product in your home to compliment your surroundings and be a practical piece is a great reason to have something handforged. Wall hooks, pot stands, tools and decorations that are handforged will always add a beautiful rustic look to your décor.

To keep them looking and working their best, it’s a good idea to give them a little TLC occasionally. We recommend going over them with some oil (just vegetable is fine) or beeswax and a soft cloth from time to time to keep away any rust and corrosion and polish them up. Items that live outdoors can develop a bit of rust but by using some steel wool this can easily be cleaned up.