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The Norseman Blacksmith

Scandinavian Trolls

Scandinavian Trolls

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In Nordic mythology, trolls were first mentioned in the thirteenth century and were portrayed as massive beings that would emerge after dark and disintegrate or transform into stone when exposed to daylight.

Some believe that they were simply made up to scare children from venturing out at night. The mythology refers to trolls as jötunn, and each Scandinavian nation has its own unique type of trolls - Finland has the friendly Moomintrolls, Iceland has the sly Yule Lads, and Norway has both forest and mountain trolls. Norwegian mythology often describes mountain and forest trolls as dwelling underground, in stony landscapes, and anywhere that's dimly lit.

However, trolls are also rumoured to live under bridges, inspired by the Norwegian fairy tale Three Billy Goats Gruff! Other stories tell of kind-hearted trolls who contribute to the support of a stone bridge, making it safe for people to pass. 

Bring a piece of Nordic folklore into your home with our Scandinavian Trolls! Available in various sizes, these handcrafted troll figures can be displayed hanging from stands or pots or standing proudly on your shelves. Experience the magic and whimsy of trolls today!

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